Travel and Work” is one of the major tour operators in Kazan and Tatarstan. Being the primary interactive and touristic programs producers, we are glad to present you that catalogue, where you may find tour that suits your interests. We are especially proud to say that the most known touristic programs of the city are made by our company.

The most known projects of our company:

-“Kazan Cat Tale”,

-“Rezidence of Kysh Babay and Kar Kyzy”,

-“Kazan Show”,

-“Tatar Kalyapush”.

We are always open to new people, places and destinations. The motto of our company is “honesty and service quality are the key to success”.

We kindly remind you that our company helps with visas.


Our company is one of the most brightful in Tatarstan. We thank for it our personal.

They help you everythere in everything, care about our clients,  make their rest remarkable and unforgottable.