Residence of Kysh Babay and Kar Kyzy

This project is part of Fly to Tatarstan title!

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We invite you on a fabulous journey to the Residence of Kysh Babay and Kar Kyzy. The Residence is open every day since December 1th  till January 25th.

On the beginning of the journey you are met by Shaitans (Devils), who guides you to the acres of Kysh Babay. The map of Shurale (Wood-Goblin) helps you to reach Kysh Babay’s house. On your way you also meet different fairytale characters: Ubyly Karchyk (Old Witch), Ajdakha (Dragon), Batyr (Hero), Altynchach (Goldilocks), Takhir and Zukhra (Romeo and Juliet). All of them have prepared a lot of riddles and games for you. Finally you meet Kysh Babay, who shows his apartment and awards you with individual certificates.

The journey to the Residence of Kysh Babay and Kar Kyzy will bring a fairytale in your life. Kysh Babay and his fairy friends are always happy to greet guests.

Where: The Residence is situated in a fir-wood on the Iya river in Yana Kyrlay village in 80 kilometers from Kazan. On the territory of the Residence you can find different entertainment for adults and children: ice-hills, skating rink, horse riding. The country inn “Shushma”, souvenir shop and the restaurant of national tatar cuisine are always open for you.

Duration of the program (with transfer from Kazan): 7 hours

Price List for visiting  the Residence of Kysh Babay and Kar Kyzy

 Guaranteed escorted tour Children

2-7 years






With transfer 1900 2400 2650
Without transfer 1550 2050 2300

The price includes:  interactive games with fairytale characters, visiting apartment of Kysh Babai, handmade workshop by Najia Apa, individual certificate and Christmas gift.

Non-included: English-speaking guide(or anther language)

You also can order lunch – 10 EUR

Children under 2 FOR FREE (without transfer)

Every 11th person in group FOR FREE

Horse riding and ice-skating at EXTRA cost.

For visitors on own transport performance begins in Yana Kyrlay at 11:00 and 13:00.

More information:

You can book by e-mail:

+7 (843) 260-16-40; +7 (843) 526-02-11/21.