Fake Designer Bags Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Cambridge is renowned for its history, architecture, affluent investments in research and education, punts, Chelsea buns, and Stephen Hawking. But what about shopping?The Cambridge shopping scene has changed a lot in the past few years.The Grand Arcade opened in 2007 and the transformation of the Grafton Centre has been on Fake Handbags the cards for what feels like forever.The redevelopment of the centre is now in full swing with a completion date set for the beginning of 2018, and we’re all eagerly anticipating the grand reopening.Grafton centre revamp exposes side of historic Old Eden Chapel to the elements for the first time in 34 yearsWe’ve seen the snazzy new glass entrance and we’re desperate to know more about what’s going on, but the powers that be are keeping their cards close to their chest.So we can’t tell you what is going into the sparkling new Grafton Centre, but we can tell you what shops we are wishing for.1. SephoraWe’re not lashing out or getting lippy but we’d really love a SephoraEven if they don’t actually exist in the UK, we are sick and tired of having to board a flight every time we need a new highlighter. Fake Designer Bags

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