Traditional gifts for groomsmen are often items that the gentlemen can wear on the actual day of the wedding. These traditional gift ideas are also a practical choice, saving your buddies from spending their personal savings for accessories that will complete their look for your big day. Some of wedding related gifts you may consider include cufflinks, money clips, neckties, handkerchiefs, socks, and shirts that can wear during your wedding photo shoot.

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She was under an order not to consume alcohol at the time, part of her bail conditions on the theft and drunk driving charges. Godfrey called for Pierrot to be sentenced to 10 to 13 months on all charges. Her legal aid lawyer Tony Amoud has requested a 12 month curative discharge.

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My dad had a stroke on October 5. My parents have (finally!) split up, and needed to move out of the townhouse we moved into last October. Mom and me came up with the (apparently mistaken) idea of taking him to the Open Door Mission, down by the airport, where he could recieve treatment for his alcoholism and have a safe (so we thought) roof over his head/food in his belly/place to keep his stuff.

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