Tatarstan at FIFA2018

Tatarstan at FIFA June 13th – 21th , 20th – 28th

Kazan is a beautiful thousand year old city. That is the place where Christianity and Islam have been living in peace for centuries. City’s architecture, traditions and religion are keeping the trails of the international past. That city is proud about its glorious past.

Kazan hosts several matches of FIFA2018.

Date Duration Match date Teams
13-21 June 2018 
8-9 Day 16 June

20 June



20-28 June 2017
8-9 Day 24 June

27 June




1st Day:

22:55. Departure from Riga by Air Baltic.

.2nd Day:

01:00. Arrival to Kazan. Meeting with company representative. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation.

09:00. Breakfast.

11.00. Kazan Kremlin excursion. During that the hour full of adventures, Kazan Cat shows you the secrets of ancient Kazan fortress.

General sightseeing. Visiting old Tatar Quarter (visiting the oldest stone mosque of Kazan included), Kazan Kremlin (stone fortress of XVI century with perfect panoramic view), Kul-Sharif mosque (one of the largest in Europe).


Sightseeing tour continues. Visiting The Virgin Monastery (the place where the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan is located) and Catholic Church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

16:00. End of excursion. Returning to hotel.

18:00. Dinner (including cooking master-class).

3rd Day:

08:30. Breakfast.

10:00. Kazanka river sightseeing trip on boat.

12;00. Bauman Street Excursion. That street is the main pedestrian zone in Kazan and is located in the heart of city’s downtown. Visiting Bogoyavlenskaya Bell-tower – the highest historic building from 19th century.

14:00. Lunch.

15:00 Optional :Visiting brewery or National vine shop.

18:00. Dinner.

4th  Day:

09:00. Breakfast.

10:00. Excursion to Admiralteyskaya Quarter. Visiting The Temple of All religions.

Visiting Raifa monastery (XVII century), the temple on the lake shore inside the forest.

15:00. Lunch.

16:00. Promenade.

18:00(time to be confirmed). Optional Kazan Show with national Dinner or Football match(16/06/18)

5th Day:

08:00. Breakfast.

09:00. Sightseeing in Sviyazhsk. Sviyazhsk is a beautiful old town (XVI century) nearby Kazan. The town is located on the isle between 3 rivers. Magnificent panoramic view of the isle is filled with bright history.

12:00. Lunch.

13:00 Interactive show with medieval Russian warriors.

15:00 Visiting ethnographic Tatar village.

17:00 Returning to Kazan.

18:00.(Time to be confirmed) Optional Football match(24/06/18)

6th Day:

07:00. Breakfast.

08:00. Excursion to Bolgar. Bolgar is an ancient Bulgarian city with millennial history. The city remembers first Islamic state of local land. Stone architecture keeps and preserves the glory of Bulgarians and Mongols.

This city was made the first capital of Golden Horde by Genghis Khan himself.

14:00. Lunch.

19:00. Returning to Kazan.

20:00 Dinner.

 7th Day:


08.00. Excursion to Elabuga. Elabuga is one of the 3 thousand-year old cities in Tatarstan. Local museums include Tsvetaeva, Durova, Shishkin, Complex of Local Lore.

14:00. Lunch.

19:00. Returning To Kazan.

20:00 Dinner

8th Day:

09:00. Breakfast.

10:00. Iske-Kazan (Old Kazan) museum excursion. Visiting that reconstructed castle leaves unforgettable memories. Interactive show with Kazan Khan is included.

13:00. Lunch.

18:00. Optional: visiting one of the best evening performances in tatar national Kamal Theatre (with simultaneous interpreting)

20:00. Dinner.

9th Day.

00.00 Checking out. Transfer to airport.

03:40 Departure to Riga.

06:00 Arrival to Riga.

Accommodation With airtickets Riga-Kazan-Riga Without airtickets
Adults DBL




Adults DBL




5* Hotel 4601 8234 4201 7834
4* Hotel 2401 3833 2001 3433
3* Hotel 1591 2318 1191 1918


Accommodation With airtickets Riga-Kazan-Riga Without airtickets
Adults DBL




Adults DBL




5* Hotel 3962 7090 3618 6746
4* Hotel 2067 3301 1723 2957
3* Hotel 1370 1996 1026 1652


Adults DBL




5* Hotel 5009 9341
4* Hotel 2473 4267
3* Hotel 1421 2287

The price includes excursion and transportation services, tickets, accommodation, meals and interactive programs. Air tickets Riga-Kazan, Kazan-Riga

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