Kazan Legends

30/05-03/06, 20-25/06; 11-15/07, 01/08-05/08, 05-09/09/2019

Kazan Legends Tour

Kazan is a beautiful millennial city. This place full of secrets. Find the answers for the riddles and challenge the trials.

During 4 days we train your team as like-minded persons and friends. Test how to achieve single goal for your followers in distant land of Tatarstan. Atmosphere of local fortesses with historical characters immerse your people to the past. And Tatar’s welcome rise your spirit for successful business.

1st Day:

08:00-11:00 Meeting with company representative. Transfer to hotel. Drop-off luggage.

11:00 Breakfast.

12:30 Kazan Kremlin quest for teams with Kazan Cat. Quest included competition between 2 teams of guests. Kazan Cat shows you the secrets of ancient Kazan fortress during the hour full of adventures. Test your mind and find answers to the riddles of the past.

14:30 General sightseeing tour. Visiting old Tatar Quarter (visiting the oldest stone mosque of Kazan included), Kazan Kremlin (stone fortress of XVI century with perfect panoramic view), Kul-Sharif mosque (one of the largest in Europe), The Virgin Monastery (the place where the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan), Catholic Church of Holy Cross.

17:30 Dinner including cooking master-class.

18:30 Accomodation.

2nd Day:



10:00 Sightseeing in Sviyazhsk.  Sviyazhsk is a beautiful old town (XVI century) nearby Kazan. The town is located on the isle between 3 rivers. Magnificent panoramic view of the isle is filled with bright history.

14:00 Lunch.

15:00 Interactive show with medieval Russian warriors. Test your agility.

18:00 Visiting ethnographic Tatar village.

20:00 Returning to Kazan.

3rd Day:

08:00 Breakfast.

09:00   Interactive show in Iske-Kazan. Iske Kazan(Old Kazan)  is reconstructed Tatar fortress with Kazan Khan himself. Kazan Khan is a ruler of local land before assault of Ivan the Terrible. Competion between teams of guests.

14:00 Lunch.

16:00 Returning to Kazan.

18:00 Kazan Show with national Dinner in “Tugan Avylym”. Vivid stories of the heroes of the national legends, reveals secrets of the Tatar soul, and introduce to the cultural values of the Tatar people. “Tugan Avylym”-“Folklore village” of Tatars – Entertaining area in the center of Kazan City.

4th Day:

09:00 Breakfast.

10:00 City tour to Innopolice. Innopolice -Russian Silicon Valley. Place where young people learn high-tech technologies to become workers of large international companies.

12:00 Seminar from local teacher.

13:00 Visiting Temple of All religions. Tatarstan is the place where Christianity and Islam have been living in peace for centuries. So Kazan hosts unique object where all main religions united in one architectural ensemble.

14:00 Lecture of Tatar experience in interconfessional relations.

15:00 Returning to Kazan. Lunch.

19:00 Quest for teams “Horrors from Tatar Tales”. You visit haunted Tatar manor house. Test your courage!

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The price includes excursion and transportation services, tickets, accommodation, meals and interactive programs.

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