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Replica Hermes handbags Map showing North Korea and GuamGuam is home to a US air base, a Navy installation, a Coast Guard group and roughly 6,000 US military personnel, so a missile strike on the island would undoubtedly result in significant casulaties.North Korea warned ‘any attack on Guam is an attack on the United States’ in Governor’s dramatic addressTHAAD anti missile system If North Korea was to start firing Hwasong 12 missiles in the direction of Guam, the US’s first response would be to engage its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, which is stationed in South Korea.THAAD Fake Hermes Bags works by intercepting and destroying ballistic missiles in their final phase of flight, either inside or just outside the Earth’s atmosphere.It doesn’t carry a warhead. Instead it relies on «kinetic energy» (sheer force) to destroy incoming missiles on impact.Fears North Korea crisis could increase risk of larger attacks from ISIS and other terror groupsImportantly, THAAD can destroy ballistic missiles without detonating any nuclear warheads they may be carrying, minimising the risk of nuclear fallout.Destroying an enemy ballistic missile in space is attractive because it keeps high speed debris and explosions well away from humans on the ground.However, by the time Designer replica Hermes North Korea’s Hwasong 12 missiles reach the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere, they will be travelling at several times the speed of sound, making them extremely difficult to intercept.The US military would therefore need to wait until the missiles were on their way down before deploying THAAD. At this point, the missiles Hermes Replica Bags would be free falling, and unable to alter their courses, making them a lot easier to hit.(Image: Rex Features)THAAD has a good record in tests, most recently intercepting a target simulating a missile similar to the Hwasong 12 over Alaska in July Replica Hermes handbags.

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