With Lake Ontario steps away from campus, Queen’s attracts a number of talented sailors. The Queen’s varsity sailing club is one of the few Canadian members in the Inter Collegiate Sailing Association (ICSA). The club’s members race in more than 25 regattas in the competitive Middle Atlantic district.

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1990). At low temperature (2C), aluminium species are expected to remain in their most toxic form (Alim) at a higher pH than would occur at higher temperature (20C) (Howells et al. 1990; Lydersen et al. The Dons appeared motivated by the circumstances, responding to Cal’s every attempt to pull away. They cut a 12 point first half deficit to 38 36 by the break and put together 8 2 and 11 0 runs in the second half. The second run, sparked by Quezada’s eight points, gave USF a 60 59 lead, its first lead since less than four minutes into the game..

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